Moonbabes, created from old-fashion wooden clothespins, are one-of-a-kind talismans* destined to bring positive energy and protection into your life.

The most intriguing aspect of these creations is that they did not receive their names until they emerged from a vast array of fabrics, amulets**, and other symbols reflecting their inspirational divine nature.

If you want to own an original moonbabe, they are available in our shop.

Instructions: Place your moonbabe where you will see her every day. Ask her for guidance. Be specific.. Be still.. and wait for her Universal Wisdom. 

Please come and see this enchanted world and let us introduce you to our moonbabe community.

*A talisman is an object that embodies mystical or sacramental properties.

** An amulet is an object with natural mystical properties.

Fabrics courtesy of EGO Originals, Bend, Oregon.  Photos by Baniso Photography.

First edition moonbabes created by Sonia

insert name/spiritual strength
Terra Maya
"Hehewuti Kyan"

Spiritual Strength: 
insert name/spiritual strength