Greetings, and welcome to the world of manymoons.

    Greetings.  I am so pleased that you have found us among so many places one can tap into to see wonderful things for purchase.  It is our intention to present items made or manufactured by people, not assembly lines, and most within the United States or artisans around the world who lack sufficient support.  It is also our mandate to contribute 5% of all sales to causes we want to support.

    First…let me tell you how this web-‘sight’ came to be.


         Moonlore has fascinated me since 1943, when my parents gave me a copy of James Thurber’s children’s book, Many Moons.*  Since then, the moon as been my symbolic guide as I realized how its waxing and waning affects everything, from the tides to my emotional  responses to life.

    As a child, I thought when people died, they waited for you on the moon.  Later, I discovered that when I wished for something–little things, like bubble gum when, after WWII such things were very scarce, “ the light of the moon..” more often than not, my wishes were answered.

    The moonbabes by Sonia you will meet as you scroll through our websight, and my father, Tom Meret’s collection of watercolors, now available in greeting cards and jigsaw puzzles, are but two of the offerings we are presenting as we launch


    *Many Moons

    (loosely adapted from James Thurber’s children’s book)

         Once upon a very long time ago in the Kingdom-by-the-sea, the almost eleven year old Princess Lenore ate too many raspberry tarts and got a Royal bellyache.  When the Royal Physician could not find out what was wrong, he sent for her Daddy, the King.  

     “I will get you anything your heart desires,” the King promised Princess Lenore.

         Without so much as a moment’s thought, the Princess said,  “If I can have the moon, I will be well again.”

           King Daddy called on the Lord High Chamberlain , who was no help at all.  “Nobody can get the moon,” he said.  “It is 35,000 miles away and bigger than the Princess Lenore’s room.”

          Then,  he sent for the Royal Wizard who told him that the moon was 150,000 miles away, was made of green cheese and twice as big as the palace.

         Frustrated beyond belief, the King sent for the Royal Mathematician who said that the moon was 300,000 miles away and round and flat like a coin, made of asbestos and half the size of the Kingdom.

         At wit’s end, the King rang for the Court Jester to play his lute to calm him down.  After he told the Jester the problem, the Jester decided to investigate the matter. 

         That night he went to see the Princess, who was lying in bed, looking quite pale, propped up on two fluffy pillows and looking out of the window at the full moon.

     “Tell me,” the Jester asked.  “How big do you think that moon is?’

         “Oh, just a little smaller than my thumb,” she said weakly, holding her thumb up to the window.  “See,” it just covers my thumbnail. 

         “And how far away is it?”

         “Just outside my window, not as  high as the big tree,” she replied.  “Sometimes it gets caught on the top branches.”

    “And what is the moon made of, Princess, ” he asked.

    “Oh,” she said, “It is made of gold, of course, silly.”

    The Court Jester went straight to the Royal Goldsmith and commissioned him to make a tiny gold full  moon, just a little smaller than the Princess’ thumbnail.  Then he had the Royal Goldsmith string it o a golden chain so the Princess could wear it around her neck.

     The next morning when the King went to say hello to the Princess, she was not ill any longer, and all was well again in the Kingdom-by-the-Sea.  


              My other flight into CyberSpace, is another way to introduce our work and intentions.

    Thank you for visiting, and do come back from time to time to see what we are up to.

    Marjorie Carmen, Bend, Oregon.



    1. To Dan, Crystal, Kristi and Barbara, I just saw the fruits of all your labors…tear making appreciation to you all for making one of my ‘wildest dreams’ come true; presenting Tom’s magnificent mosaic watercolors to the Cyber Universe where all with eyes to see can enjoy Tom’s view of the world. mmc

    2. Major appreciation to Barbara Rich (Richcraft Studios) for her contribution to the development of . Please stay tuned to see how we are going to create more Commerce with Conscience partners. Blessings on this New Year… Marjorie (aka, manymoons)

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